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About the Personal Medical JournalAbout the Personal Medical Journal

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Section Explanations

Medical History: An overview to assist with the general questions asked. State any diagnosis or any corrective procedure that has occurred during your lifetime.

Mother’s Pregnancy History: Especially important for children as these questions will come up for years.

Allergies: Medication and Foods - Critical Section - Write down any reactions, and what medication or treatment was necessary to resolve the allergic reaction, etc. This is extremely important for any medical professional who is assisting you.

Medication Log: It is important to keep a record of all your prescriptions, over-the-counter and herbal medications to better assist medical professionals.

Medication Records: Information on the medications you are taking.

Medication Daily Schedule: If there are several pill-form medications taken daily, it is suggested to ask the pharmacist if they will prepare a bubble pack for the medications. If this is not available through your local pharmacy, then purchase a weekly Sunday through Saturday plastic holder (some pharmacies will give these away at no additional cost, so ask your pharmacist). It is recommended that you purchase a minimum of 3 to 4 boxes of different sizes and/or colors, in order to easily distinguish the time the medication is scheduled to be taken. Place the medication in the appropriate box organized by time of day. If possible, check with the physician and/or pharmacist regarding information on which pills can or cannot be taken at the same time, i.e. morning, noon, dinner, evening/bedtime, other (if applicable) such as aspirin type, sleeping pills, etc.

Alerts - Concerns: Write any health and/or medical concerns that occur, or areas that need to be continually observed.

Hospitalizations, Surgeries, Procedures: You, the physician, or the dentist can summarize the procedure, complications, and any notes in this area. Ask for a copy of his/her notes for your file/binder.

Medical Appointments/Doctor Visits: Write the reason for the visit (routine, emergency, etc). This is especially helpful to keep abreast of what has occurred, and for a continuum of health. You can have the doctor summarize the procedure, complications, and any notes in this area. If you feel it is needed, ask the doctor for a copy of his/her notes for your file/binder.

Dental Appointments: This is especially helpful for your dentist when you are referred to a specialist or another dentist.

Laboratory Work/X-ray: State the type of test, the reason for it and the results. Depending on the test, request a copy of the report and/or x-ray for your file. This is helpful especially for future reference and to assist any professional when evaluating a medical treatment or condition. If the service provider will not release the report to you, you will need to request that it be sent to your physician. Then you can request a copy from your physician.

Immunizations: These records will be needed throughout your lifetime.

Academic Programs/Service Agencies: If you are utilizing the services of a special program, association or provider, it will be helpful to have the information available to share with your professional team.

Names and Addresses Index: Keep the phone numbers and addresses of any one who is assisting you with your medical/dental health care.

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